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Coutts Gibb ConsultantsOur consultants integrate within our clients business development and sales teams, they contribute by supporting marketing initiatives; reviewing and performing due diligence when developing sales strategies; and most significantly, leading business development and sales initiatives.

The benefits when engaging our consultants are:

Support from experienced professionals who can manage the entire business development and sales channel, or, who compliment an existing in-house team to achieve a specific business development or sales initiative.

Access to an extensive network of contacts within the E&P sector – notably within Europe and the Middle East.

Experience developing sales strategies for new or established, small or large companies to enter new or develop existing markets.

Knowledge of E&P market trends, requirements, expectations and commercial models; as well as experience of strategies that can work and occasionally, those that do not.

Sales Coaching & Training

Sales Coaching is a service that I provide to my clients technical consultants and pre-sales personnel whilst on a consulting assignment. Sales coaching is a methodical, one-to-one process which reviews a potential customer’s business and their technology or service requirements. We then determine how best to align my clients technology or service offerings, such as choosing relevant value propositions, prior to requesting and planning for meetings and presentations.

Training courses are provided as part of a Planning, Preparation and Execution [PPnE] philosophy. A number of training courses have been prepared which are summarised below:

The Emergence of the Oil & Gas Industry – An Introduction: A Half Day. For non-geoscience or engineering personnel employed by an Operator or Service Company who would benefit from gaining an understanding of the history of the oil & gas industry.   Download “The Oil & Gas Industry – A4 Flier”

Event Engagement: A Half Day. This workshop focuses on how exhibitors participating at technical tradeshows can plan and prepare successful strategies that will help engage potential clients.   Download “Event Engagement – A4 Flier”

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